Monday, May 20, 2013

The Spiderrrrrrr

OK so I slept on the couch this morning with a runny nose. But that's not the point,
the point is i woke up to this;
"Kimmi!" My sleeping brain kicks into gear because I'm a light sleeper. And then it comes again, "KIMMI!" Only this time its a scream of bloody murder. I get up and run down the basement stairs afraid for my Mom's life.
And for those of you who know my house, you know its not the safest thing to do.
Anyway... I run down the stairs and I find my mom holding her hands over her mouth, pointing at a particular spot on the basement floor.
I look and find a spider on a white Kishmans grocery bag. A large brown spider.I crouch on the floor and like the good daughter I am; I try to squish it with a shoe that I grabbed. A heel to be exact.
I missed it, and by this time my ear has popped from the scream that came out of my dear, Moms mouth,
"You missed! You missed!"
I look down and the spider has crawled up the shoe and it coming strait for my fingers. its long front leg touches my finger tip and I sigh as another scream erupts from my moms mouth.
with a flip of the shoe the spider lands on the floor in front of me, grabbing the other match for it, I squash it, expertly if i do says so.
Now that's my story for the day. Sure... I admit, it was a big spider.