Monday, March 24, 2014


12868761Jenny Lawson realized that the most mortifying moments of our lives—the ones we’d like to pretend never happened—are in fact the ones that define us. In the #1 New York Times bestseller, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Lawson takes readers on a hilarious journey recalling her bizarre upbringing in rural Texas, her devastatingly awkward high school years, and her relationship with her long-suffering husband, Victor. Chapters include: “Stanley the Magical, Talking Squirrel”; “A Series of Angry Post-It Notes to My Husband”; “My Vagina Is Fine. Thanks for Asking”; “And Then I Snuck a Dead Cuban Alligator on an Airplane.” Pictures with captions (no one would believe these things without proof) accompany the text.

OK, so you just read the summary, right? here are a few of some of my favorite comments to this book- 

Jeannette (Most Of My Favorite Authors are Dead) 
This is the most hilarious vagina memoir ever written. Okay, so technically it's not just about vaginas, but she mentions hers more often than anyone I've ever known who actually owns one. And besides, I had to throw that out there right at the start, so if you're going to get all upset you can just get it overwith and stay. away. from. the. book. Should you choose to read it anyway, don't come back to me all complainy about how crass she is. 

First, I should mention that I listened to this one on audiobook. Didn't read the text version. 

Second, the audio version is read by the author. I think Jenny did a nice job with it, too. If you're used to nothing but professional audiobook narrators, there might be a few verbal ticks in here that might bug you. But me? For an autobiographical work like this? I'd much rather hear it in the author's own voice. 

Jaime Abbess
I’m not sure what I enjoyed more about this book. The actual laughing to tears moments while reading or the actual laughing to tears moments while retelling the stories to my boyfriend (who kept mentioning that he and Victor have a lot in common). 

It says a great deal about Jenny Lawson (of blogging fame) that at 38, she was able to write a 300+ page memoir that is interesting to read. Interesting, not because she is a celebrity or has boinked a celebrity, but because she has lived a strange life and has maintained a good attitude about that life.

Jenny Lawson 
I wrote this book so I think I'm required to like it. But I'd like it even if someone else wrote it. Although if they did I'd sue them for stealing my life story.

How confusing.

Much like the book.


You got that the author wrote a review on her own book, right? I just decided. 
I love her. 
Some of the negative comments were a bit vindictive. Just because they don't have an interesting life such as Jenny Lawson doesn't mean they have to be so condescending. 
How rude. Its a memoir. Its supposed to be about her life and how it all came together -if not a little roughly- but still put together. Everyone's rough around the edges here, people. 
Its life! 
If people were smooth then it would be total Creeps city. Sorta like E.T and Hancock put together. Think about that for a moment. 
 I told you, Creeps city. 
Anywho, back to the book. It does talk a lot about vagina's, chupacabra's,  taxidermy, and dirty towels on the floor. Each and every new chapter brings forth something new. *insert face palm here* (Very cheesy line, I apologize.) 
Plus every book with Laugh-Out-Loud chapters is a plus. 

“The Bloggess writes stuff that actually is laugh-out-loud, but you know that really you shouldn’t be laughing and probably you’ll go to hell for laughing, so maybe you shouldn’t read it. That would be safer and wiser.”
-Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman, Stardust, American Gods and Coraline

“Jenny Lawson is hilarious, snarky, witty, totally inappropriate, and ‘Like Mother Teresa, Only Better.’”
-Diana Vilibert, Marie Claire

"There’s something wrong with Jenny Lawson-magnificently wrong. I defy you to read her work and not hurt yourself laughing.” -Jen Lancaster, Author of Bitter is the New Black, Jeneration X, Bright Lights, Big Ass

And for more future LOL moments,