Monday, February 24, 2014

The Boy on Cinnamon Street


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The Boy on Cinnamon Street

    7th grader Louise should be the captain of her school's gymnastics team - but she isn't. She's fun and cute and should have lots of friends - but she doesn't. And there's a dreamy boy who has a crush on her - but somehow they never connect. Louise has everything going for her - so what is it that's holding her back?

Phoebe Stone tells the winning story of the spring when 7th grader Louise Terrace wakes up, finds the courage to confront the painful family secret she's hiding from - and finally get the boy. 

Three stars. * * *
This book is like a Pay Day.
You have an inkling that your craving that little something. (We know this well, ladies.) Something a little sweet, a little salty. 
You tasted it, you liked it; salty and sweet, you devour it, and you keep eating it until it's all gone. Gone. Gone. 
And then you think, "Yep. OK. I don't have to eat another pay Day until Easter. Or month." 

BOY ON CINNAMON STREET by Phoebe Stone was like a pay day. 
Salty. "Kept you reading, wanting to find out more." 
Sweet. "the feels, guys ,the feels." 
Yet you think again, "It was a cute little read. Fast. The writing was...knifty. OK- onto a thriller."

It's not like this book wasnt good. Like i said, It is like a Pay day. You eat it once in awhile and you're good. You dont eat it -or read it or any other book like it- for a long time. 
No Offence Ms. Stone.