Friday, December 6, 2013

Sold by Patricia McCormick

I was up late, reading my kindle until three in the morning. A beautiful book I could not put down. Heres why;

"I look around the table at mealtime. There is a pair of new girls. One sniffling over rice and dal, the other too dazed to eat. A third girl, one who has been here a while, is wiping her plate with bread. 
The first one is sitting in Monica's old seat, the second in Shahanna's. The Third is sitting where Pushpa used to sit. 
It occurs to me that, except for Anita, I have been here the longest." 

201114AM I PRETTY?
"In the days that the hugging man leaves, I consider myself in the mirror. My plain self, not the the self wearing lipstick and eyeliner and a filmy dress. 
Sometimes I see a girl hi is growing into womanhood. Other days I see a girl growing old before her time. 
It doesn't matter, of course. Because No one will ever want me now." 

This book.... from Patricia McCormick, I give you applause, Ms. McCormick. It was captivating, exciting, and well written. Something about this book just compels you to read more. To keep going and seeing what will happen to Lakshmi. This book is made with such simple words it makes you want to cry. Its like a slap in the face, of reality hanging right before you very nose. It opens your eyes. 
It makes you think about these girls who are sold into prostitution. It makes you think, "What if that was me?" 

"My name is Lackshmi," I say. 
"I am from Nepal. 
I am Fourteen years old." 
-Lakshmi, from Sold

I give this book eight stars. I can see why it earned a nobel prize.

"Nough said."