Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Poem By me :)

He passed me by
By KimberKatKreationz

He passed me by

So quickly

It didn’t hurt at first

Not until he had someone else to call his.

 I hope she holds him as tight as me

For I let him slip

Like sand

Right through my fingers

His softness no longer mine

The burn disappeared just as quickly

But his smell

 Lingered still,

Like a soft mist that told me he was still here

His arms were what planted me

To this Earthly Hell

His smile, so divine

Was mine,

But not anymore

Like a fool I thought I could stand by his side

Forever and ever still.

“Good.” His voice brought back memories

Of sweet kisses

Our hugs that seem to never end.

“Good.” I say again. Maybe I say it to break the silence. I have no idea at the moment. All I know now, is that I’m breaking inside.

 Good, is our forever.

But our forever

Shattered into a million little pieces that could never be put back together.

He opens the door and doesn’t look back.